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Making timeless

memories since 2015

Based in Barcelona,

avaliable everywhere

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Hey, I'm Robert, I take pictures, I'm a pisces, and enneagram 7

Hi, I'm Robert and I confess that when I was little I didn't dream of being a wedding photographer.

Some people are born with a vocation under their arm, but in my case, it was my vocation that stumbled upon me. It was the fault of a camera with an undeveloped roll of film from twelve years ago. I was in my teens and curiosity got the better of me.

I started a hobby that eventually led me to break with the professional projects I had planned and turned me into the wedding photographer I am now.

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And now, almost without realizing it, I've been sneaking into the lives of many people for more than ten years, living amazing moments with them. I feel very lucky to have the job I have.


Apart from being 100% focused on improving my work every day, I have a super restless mind, which always finds a place for new stimuli and learning. 


Because of the way I am, I don't like molds, neither in photography, nor in life in general. I run away from the most typical things because I think they are like a corset that does not let you grow.


As you can imagine, I'm not a fan of boring photographs and I try to make each report talk about the people I have in front of my camera.

The most essential thing is to connect, the rest will come by itself and will be forever.

Meet the team

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Surely inspired by his father, who was passionate about photography and always carried a camera in his hand like his grandfather, photography is his great passion.


He remembers perfectly well when he was still studying and working during the summers to be able to buy his first cameras.

Photography is an art that he is passionate about because of everything it transmits. For how it allows me to express myself in a unique way.


And, above all, for what it makes us feel. Because photographs are like little time machines that allow us to go back to a moment and relive the emotions of that moment as if we were living it.

Arnau is a documentary wedding advertising photographer as well as an editorial photographer based in Barcelona, he has been with the Robert Marcillas team for two seasons and a total of more than 45 weddings.



At the core of his work, you will find light, connection and composition, some of his core values as an artist. From there, he seeks honest storytelling with a more cinematic approach, heart-centered documentation.



Her inspiration comes from human connection, natural light, minimalism, fresh air, togetherness, vulnerability, cinema, human interaction, hair in the wind, imperfections, movement and visual poetry.

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