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You are closer to materializing your memories

Thank you very much for writing and valuing my work. In less than 24 hours you will receive an email with my availability and all the info about our services.

If you don't receive any reply, check SPAM or write me via Instagram @robertmarcillas

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Can I have all the photos shot?

Once you have delivered the report, you can purchase the rest of the wedding files that have been discarded.


How many hours are you in the wedding?

We don't work by the hour, we work by the event and that allows us to dedicate a lot of time and care to each of the weddings we shoot.


Do we have to feed you?


Yes please, if possible, the closer to you the better, that is, in the same room of the event, not in a separate room, so that you can be aware of everything that happens on your big day.


Besides, I am vegan (Rob)


Do you deliver color or B&W photos?

As a general rule 80% of the photos will be in color, only those that I ask for the body will be in B&W. If for some reason or another you want more photos in B&W you have to ask for it just before the wedding. Once the photos are edited they will not be touched again.


How do you describe your style?

I love weddings and as you know, every wedding is different. My style is timeless and as natural and documentary as possible, but each wedding and each person makes my style in each wedding different, adapting to what is happening and what is going to happen.


When will I receive my photos?

Every wedding needs unique and special love and attention, but you will always receive your photo gallery within 15 working days of the wedding. Other things like the album or physical materials may take a little longer due to production time.


Do you get excited at weddings?



Do you shoot more than one wedding a day?

In Robert Marcillas Studio we are a team of 3 photographers, therefore, we can cover up to 2 weddings in the same day, that yes, from the moment of hiring you will know if your photographer is Robert or his team.


Can I see team weddings?

On the web you have 2, can you find them? 

My team is entirely made up of Robert and the differences are not noticeable in the final photographs.

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