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Hey lovers!




Hello lovers! My name is Robert Marcillas and I am a wedding photographer in Girona.


I have some information that I think will be very valuable for you right now, read this page to the end, it won't take you more than 3 minutes (I've timed it!). At the bottom of this page you will have a contact form to send me your message.


Probably among your search for wedding photographers in Girona you have come to this place. This page is specially dedicated to brides and grooms like you, who are organizing your wedding in the province of Girona and are looking for a wedding photographer with whom you feel a special feeling, a documentary photographer who tells your story without manipulation, natural and real moments in which tomorrow you will see yourselves as you are at this very moment.


I work not only in Girona, but also all over Catalonia, Spain and the rest of the world. I love to travel, discover interesting and incredible places and meet new people while I can capture their love stories. On the web you can see an example of sessions in many corners of the world that I have been visiting with couples over the last 7 years as a wedding photographer in Girona.


Each couple is unique, each wedding is unique and therefore each reportage has to be different and personalized. That is why every season I do a limited series of weddings, to be able to serve you as best as possible and dedicate the time you deserve. For me it is really important to tell the story of your wedding in the best way, every detail counts and I always do it in a documentary style, natural and without posing, where you feel comfortable and of course always enjoying your day and your people. As you may have already been told, your wedding day will go by very fast and we have to focus on what really matters.


I want you to have the most beautiful wedding reportage that you can have of that day. And I always tell you the same thing; I will document and narrate your big day the way I would want you to do mine, and I've been doing that for the 250+ weddings I've done since 2015.


As a wedding photographer in Girona I have done many weddings around the province. If you want to know 'where to have my wedding in Girona' and if you allow me the recommendation, I would like to tell you the places I frequent, which I recommend at all costs so that you can celebrate your wedding in Girona.



Where I can celebrate my wedding in Girona

Mel & Joan-6_websize.jpg

01 - La farinera de Sant Lluís


A magical place in Figueres, in the province of Girona, and also one of our regulars! Are you looking for one of the best places to have your wedding in Girona? For me this is undoubtedly one of them, huge, with a charm typical of the nineteenth century and with a modernist style, surrounded by nature and a beautiful pond. There is where you can enjoy an authentic wedding in Girona in all its splendor, where nature and history coexist in a unique place, where you can enjoy dreamy sunsets... La Farinera de Sant Lluís.


Judit & Jose-622_websize.jpg

02 - Espai Mas Marroch

If you are a fan of gastronomy and at the same time you are looking for a place near the capital of the province of Girona, that is to say, Girona, this is your place. Space run by the Roca brothers, culinary geniuses. In this beautiful farmhouse in addition to enjoying one of the best meals you can enjoy a quiet, natural and beautiful environment. Surrounded by fields and trees. All the Mediterranean essence.


03 - Castell de Caramany

If what you really love is the medieval style, the Castell de Caramany is a building of that time. In the heart of the Costa Brava, in Corçà a few minutes from Girona is one of my favorite places to hold events and the huge space available allows you to do anything you have dreamed of.

Cora & Francesc-593_websize.jpg
Gin & Joan-385_websize.jpg
Isma & Anna-1_websize.jpg

04 - Cortal Gran

A unique medieval castle on the Costa Brava. One of the most representative and elegant places for your wedding. Mixing the style of the present with the elegance of the past. An authentic XIV century castle with plenty of options for your wedding. In fact, of all the times I've been there, I've never had a wedding like any other.

Isma & Anna-531_websize.jpg

05 - Castell de Sant Gregori

Authentic medieval castle in Empuriabrava, perfect for celebrations with a unique personality. The castle is in the village of Sant Gregori and it is possible to get married in the village church itself, so that everything is close and logistically simple.

Judit & Jose-606_websize.jpg
Judit & Jose-607_websize.jpg

06 - Castell de Empordà

One of the places with more facilities to get married and is that in the Castell d'Empordà you can prepare your wedding in Girona in an easy way because the place itself puts all the facilities and amenities on the table from the beginning. From the preparations to the dance and disco, through the ceremony and the reception.

07 - Masia Vilasendra

Undoubtedly one of the first wedding venues I set foot in my life. Masia Vilasendra is a spectacular space where you can celebrate your wedding the way you are imagining. In a very natural space with a beautiful and idyllic setting. In the heart of the province of Girona.

Laura & Roger-582_websize.jpg
Laura & Roger-587_websize.jpg

08 - Mas Terrats

If you are looking to spend a weekend with your friends and family, this is the place for you. In a quiet and prepared space, to be able to do exactly the kind of wedding you have in mind, it adapts to any style. I've only been once but I'm dying to repeat and make the most of this beautiful farmhouse.



"We feel we couldn't have picked a better photographer for our big day. Robert is not only a great photographer, we all know that. What I would highlight about him is his enormous involvement with everything that may come up, both during the wedding preparations and on the day itself. We are immensely grateful for everything that, perhaps inadvertently, helped us and reassured us that day.


Besides, it didn't feel strange to have him among us, he was part of the whole family that accompanied us that day, and just like us, all our guests were delighted to meet him.


As for the couple's photos, we were afraid of having a bad time, of feeling uncomfortable, since we are both very shy about it. Our surprise was that at no time was it like that, in fact they were very funny moments and with a lot of complicity. And how could it be otherwise, the result, ES-PEC-TA-CU-LAR. Thanks to him we can relive our day whenever we want, each and every one of the moments we lived are captured with great care, we are very very happy.


Thank you for everything Robert, you will always have a huge hole in our hearts :)"

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