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Making timeless

memories since 2015

Based in Barcelona,

avaliable everywhere

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"Robert Marcillas is a wedding photographer from Barcelona and Girona, Spain, available worldwide. The goal of his photography is to create memories and memories that last in eternity and are timeless. Our goal is also to bring out your shine, to bring you out in the best way and to make you shine with your own light that you will have that unique and unrepeatable day.


For him, this is not just a job, it's a way of life; everyone deserves images that make them feel authentic, precious and unique."


I don't know your plan, but I want to be at your wedding, can you tell me about it?

I'm in

Barcelona Wedding photographer

Judit & Jose-497_websize-2.jpg
Boda en Mas Marroch
Judit & Jose-497_websize-2.jpg

Judit & Jose

Carla & Ferry - IG-23.jpg

Carla & Ferran

Paula & Julio-289_websize-2.jpg

Paula & Júlio

Joan & Marta-613.jpg

Marta & Joan Jordan

Miquel & Maria-1010.jpg

Maria & Miquel


Inspiration for your wedding

film emulations.jpg

New film preset emulation for Lightroom

Years and years perfecting the edition to reach this point. Natural, timeless, simple and above all, beautiful and elegant tones. Easily adaptable and most importantly, your customer will love them. Pink dresses will be pink. Green trees will be green and not yellow. I have been working for a long time on these emulations of the most mythical Fuji and Kodak reels, to finally have a unique product.

My work in 2 minutes


I'm Robert Marcillas

and I will make your memories eternal

It's funny, isn't it? - eternal memories -

Probably, this obsession with remembering comes from my childhood, when I spent those summer afternoons with my grandmother looking and looking through albums, seeing my mother with my same age, my grandfather and my aunt who are no longer with us, seeing moments that took place before I was born. Don't you think it's something magical? To be able to live what others lived through those photos, through those stories.

And that's me, Robert Marcillas, wedding photographer, photographer of people.

My job is very simple, my goal is to make you and your loved ones happy, creating those memories that you will never forget, about the happiest and most intense days and moments of your lives.


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