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Hey, I'm Robert, I take pictures, I'm a pisces, and enneagram 7

Hi, I'm Robert and I confess that when I was a child I didn't dream of being a wedding photographer.


Some people are born with a vocation under their arm, but in my case, it was my vocation that came up against me. It was the fault of a camera with an undeveloped roll of film from twelve years ago. I was in my teens and curiosity got the better of me.


I started a hobby that, in the end, led me to break with the professional projects I had planned and turned me into the wedding photographer I am today.


And now, almost without realising it, I have been sneaking into the lives of many people for more than ten years, living amazing moments with them. I feel very lucky to have the job I have.


Apart from being 100% focused on improving my work every day, I have a very restless mind, which always finds a place for new stimuli and learning. 


Because of the way I am, I don't like moulds, neither in photography, nor in life in general. I run away from the most typical things because I think they are like a corset that doesn't let you grow.


As you can imagine, I'm not a fan of boring photographs and I try to make each reportage talk about the people I have in front of my camera.





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I am super excited, if you have written to me it is because you have felt a connection with my work and you have been able to imagine yourself in my photos with your partner. Seriously, there is no better compliment I can receive from a couple that trusts me to create their memories.


First things first and we have to be a good fit because I want to be more than just a photographer for you.


What does that mean?


Easy, it means you should feel comfortable with me, I will be capturing the chaos, I will be documenting the perfect and the imperfect, the moments you see and the moments you miss, I want to capture it all. I want to capture your embarrassing father kissing your cheek, I want to, I want to capture your hair moving across your face in the wind as you listen to his vows. The look on your face the first time you see each other that day. In short, I just want to capture all the emotion.


I want to document everything and be more than just a photographer.


I want you to feel that I am your best friend at the end of the day, of your biggest adventure because only then I can capture your story in the best possible way, both from the outside and from the inside.


Thank you so much for thinking of me to document your story.


Now, let's create those memories, together.


Memories are everything

There is no need to remind you, you are aware of that. The photograph together with the rings will be the only thing that will last a lifetime.


Honestly, I can tell you that if I get married soon, it will only and exclusively be to live this day with my grandparents, the most important people I have. Unfortunately they are not going to be here forever and I want them to see and enjoy this day, so for me it will be essential to have the memory.


Nowadays, everyone can take beautiful photos, it's easy, but probably on your wedding day, what you need is beautiful photographs that when you see them will immediately take you back to the thoughts of that moment, to the emotions and to those nerves beforehand or to those tears.


The photograph is the memory.


We don't think we could have chosen a better photographer for our big day. Robert is not only a great photographer, we all know that. What I would highlight about him is his enormous involvement with everything that may arise, both during the wedding preparations and on the day itself. We are immensely grateful for everything that, perhaps inadvertently, helped and reassured us on the day.


Moreover, it didn't feel strange to have him among us, he was part of the whole family that accompanied us that day, and just like us, all our guests were delighted to meet him.


As for the couple's photos, we were afraid of having a bad time, of feeling uncomfortable, as we are both very shy about it. Our surprise was that it was never like that, in fact they were very funny moments with a lot of complicity. And how could it be otherwise, the result, A-MA-ZING. Thanks to him we can relive our day whenever we want, each and every one of the moments we lived are captured with great care, we are very very happy.


Thank you for everything Robert, you will always have a big place in our hearts :)

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The best of the best

All you need

Make it simple

  • Full coverage of the event

  • More than 1000 edited photographs

  • Private gallery

  • Delivery in 15 days

  • Next day summary of 15 photos

  • Slideshow

  • Album 30x30cm

  • Additional photographer


  • Full coverage of the event

  • 800 edited photographs

  • Private gallery

  • Delivery in 15 days

  • Next day summary of 15 photos


  • 8h coverage of the event

  • 500 edited photographs

  • Private gallery

  • Delivery in 30 days

  • Summary of 10 photos the next day








A la carté

Engagement shot

We go to your favourite place, the place where you got engaged, to your favourite spot, where you usually go for a Sunday stroll or even to the top of the Eiffel Tower.


The pre-wedding shoot is a photo session to lose your fear of the camera, to get to know what it's like to be in front of it.


For me, it's another excuse to see you, to see your strengths and weaknesses, a contact shot to make your day much easier.


Post-wedding photo shooting

The wedding day goes by quickly and there is hardly any time to enjoy yourselves in your dresses.


In the post-wedding photo shoot you put your white dress and suit back on for a beautiful and intimate photo shoot, in any location you can think of.


It is the perfect opportunity to have those photos you have always wanted to have.


Extra photographer

The extra photographer is necessary for weddings with more than one location at a time as it will give us more variety of photos as well as different angles.


All the photos shot by the extra photographer will be edited by me, so there will be no variation as he is one of my team and the style is identical.


Extra day

If you plan to have a party the day before the wedding or a barbecue the day after, you can count on me and my team, in fact, it's a very cool way to start gaining confidence with the camera both for you and for your family and/or friends.


4h coberture

Turn it into something tangible

Being able to touch the memories with your hand is one of the best experiences that can be related to photography and your wedding.


I am an extreme and radical advocate of albums and on this occasion I come to show you what I can do for you.

  • 25 sheets; 50 pages

  • 100 photographs

  • High quality materials

  • Linen

  • Charcoal grey finish or your choice of finish

  • Your names on the cover


  • 25 sheets; 50 pages

  • 100 photographs

  • High quality materials

  • Synthetic suede

  • Finished in grey-brown or your choice of grey-brown

  • Your names on the cover


Linen Album

No-nobuck album





How much do your services cost?


Prices for weddings start at 2100€ including VAT and transport,

I make discounts for weddings closed at the last minute and during the week.

Couples, maternity and family sessions start at 180€. For more info or other projects, please contact me.


Do we have to feed you?


Yes please, if possible, the closer to you the better, that is to say, in the same room as the event, not in a separate room, so that you can be aware of everything that happens on your big day.


Also, I am vegan.



Are you delivering B&W pics?

As a general rule, 80% of the photos will be in colour, only those that the body asks for will be in B&W. If for any reason you want more photos in B&W you have to ask for it just before the wedding. Once the photos are edited they will not be touched again.


How do you describe your style?

I love weddings and as you know, every wedding is different. My style is timeless and as nautral and documentary as possible, but each wedding and each person makes my style at each wedding different, adapting to what is happening and what is going to happen.


When will I receive my photos?

Every wedding needs unique and special love and attention, but you will always receive your photo gallery within 15 working days of the wedding. Other things like the album or physical materials may take a little longer due to production time.


Do you get excited at weddings?


next steps

- If you have read all the information on this page you shouldn't have any doubts, but if you do, I'm here for you.


- If everything you have read and seen fits you, send me a whatsapp, an e-mail, an owl, a call, a fax, whatever you want, and we'll get down to work.


- If you feel like it, we can have a coffee or a beer in a bar or virtually via video call.


- We will sign a contract and you will pay 25% of the total amount as a deposit.


- We will keep in touch until the day of the wedding and even after, you will also receive little things from me, both blog posts with photos, tips and little things that can be very, very good for you.


- A month before the wedding, you will receive a form with all the necessary info to do the best job possible.


- The day after the wedding you will receive via whatsapp a preview of some of the photos.


- And 15 days after the wedding, when you come back from your honeymoon, you will have all the photos ready!